Gnats Discography

Pickled Gnat - Mainly covers but featured 3 of our own songs "Main Road", "That's OK By Me" and "Visible Images" (Re recorded in 1982)
Echoes From The Past - Again mainly covers but featured the first outing of "Askam Woods" and "Resignation" (Re work of thats OK)
Shift Into Overdrive - Rareties & sessions (lost recordings)
Yesterday Is Today - (Lost Recordings)
Captain Zarquon's Zingy Gnats Club Band - Featured covers plus 9 of our own songs, inspired by Sgt Pepper.
Live At Southend CP - Some of which appears on Gnats Aim To Bite
Gnats Aim To Bite - Later compilation of unearthed lost stuff inc part cp gig
This Is The Sound - 38 track epic comp of all Gnats favourites
The Infamous Gnats Of The Apocalypse - 12 track, all self penned compilation put together in 2004